About us

Clothing manufacturing, logistics and the waste of discarded clothes have become a huge problem for our environment.
This problem is eliminated by buying clothes of such high quality that the amount of purchases and production can be radically reduced. At Ihka, we make clothes whose quality means durability, pleasantness, versatility and good looks.

Hand made in Finland from high-quality materials. All our clothes are designed and manufactured in Finland. By manufacturing the products in Finland, the quality of the product is ensured. We make the clothes in small production here in South Ostrobothnia, Ilmajoki. All the patterns of our clothes are designed here at Ihka, their functionality has been polished and thought about several times, tested in use. Each piece of clothing produced by us is its own important individual, which has traveled under the Finnish flag. The Association for Finnish Work has awarded our clothes with the Key Flag symbol as proof that the product is made in Finland.

Our products are both ecological, sustainable and responsibly produced in Finland. Our clothes are mainly sewn from certified organic cotton. By making clothes from high-quality materials, we guarantee them a longer life and, with that, a lower burden on the environment. Our clothes stand up to time, use and washing when they are kept well, with the good care they deserve.


Values and sustainability

The quality is felt on the skin and can be seen up close. It is important to us that our clothes endures time and use. We guarantee the quality of our sewing work with a tangible guarantee. Quality is not only durability, but also comfort, appearance and usability. It’s a good and secure feeling, an easy life.

The world needs less clothes. We are committed to radically reducing the environmental burden caused by clothes. We reduce the environmental burden by making durable clothes that do not require environmental toxins to clean and store. Our Finnish seamstresses at Ilmajoki give their work a strong guarantee.

We improve our children’s world. We want to change the children’s world by changing their perception of good clothes. We want to teach children that beauty is not just a pattern, but also the nice surface of the fabric, the retention of colors and a comfortable feel. The most important thing is quality. Quality is a tangible thing, it cannot be written or spoken in other words. We want our children to understand the importance of local production for our environment, clothing sewn nearby does not contain chemicals that are needed for the loads of clothes traveling in ocean containers. Chemicals pollute the seas and our drinking water. One expensive piece of clothing becomes more affordable than many cheap ones.

Less clothes – a better world
The quality of the sewing work can be felt and seen
A comfortable and beautiful wardrobe – an easier life